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You may think that there is no point in using translation services? Think again.
Knowing how to communicate outside our borders is essential for your expansion. You don’t have to go far to realize how important languages are to communicate, convince and sell. You only have to cross our borders to see this. Whatever your field of activity, your company must be visible “abroad”. Translating your product and/or service will contribute to develop your image and consequently your market shares.

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However, not everyone is bilingual. Of course, you may be tempted to translate your texts using automatic translation softwares. However, this system does not take into account the subtleties of language such as ready-made expressions or false friends. This is why I suggest I translated your documents as close to reality as possible.


Any translation work begins by choosing the desired form of translation. Is it a text in French or in English?
There are in fact two forms of translation: theme and version.

=> The theme is the translation of a French text into a foreign language.

=> The version is the translation of a text in a foreign language into French.

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The good news is that I can do both! Born in Canada xx years ago, I grew up under North American influence, so I can, without bragging, say that I have a very good command of English ! I may have once the opportunity to tell you why… during a discussion about your needs.

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AB Web&Cie offers translation services that can be adapted to all your situations. Thanks to many years of bilingual professional experience, I am ready to translate all your business documents to make you work more easily, save time and above all, make sure you are operational quickly.

I can do business, litterary, technical, web translations.

Business translation

Are you planning to participate in a trade show?
Are you hosting foreign customers for a factory reception?
Are you developing your export activities?
Did you find foreign suppliers?

Literary translation

Having translated a book describing a yoga method a few years ago, I know what is at stake in a translation: respecting the main thread, rewriting as well as possible the universe described, the quality of the writing and the level of language, respecting the deadline…

Whatever the content of the “work”, what counts when translating is the pleasure of juggling with words and the feeling of having transcribed the author’s message as faithfully as possible.

Translation of your website

I can translate your website from French to English or from English to French. This service includes the respect of your graphic charter, the re-use of your images, the respect of SEO rules and the optimization of your web contents.

Whatever your need, I can help you !

A poblem with a translation ?

I have the solution