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AB Web&Cie who am I? Let me introduce myself.

I have been thinking about my future for a quite long period until that day I decided to create my own business as a freelance assistant. This job has been the main thread of my 28-year career. I realized I wanted to put into practice concepts that have been close to my heart for a very long time, which I can summarize as follows :

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AB Web&Cie : who am I ?
My motivations, experiences and know-how in several fields are as many guarantees you will be able to appreciate over time.


During my 28 years of experience as an employee, I realized I could work in complete autonomy but that I reached limits, those imposed by the company, either because of a lack of trust or because of hierarchical necessity. The missions in which I have blossomed and invested the most are those in which I had “carte blanche”. The management of a file from the beginning to the end with its batch of unforeseen events, difficulties and good surprises (fortunately it happens !!) brought me these satisfactions.

This is how the idea of offering my services as a “Super” assistant became obvious. My main objective is to help business owners in the management of their daily business. Having discussed this with a few of them, I can say there are two difficult phases to go through: at the start of the business and at the time of growth. There is so much to do at all levels: administrative, commercial, managerial, digital, and so on…

Another difficulty lies in finding the “right” employee? Will she or he be reliable, available, and dedicated enough to fit your requirements and philisophy?
And here I am, suggesting we worked together during these steps, to make ti easier to handle in many ways.


I have experience in all types of companies, in a wide variety of fields, as a planning manager, sales assistant, business manager, bilingual executive assistant or recently, in charge of public and private contracts.

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  • Trilingual English and Spanish (=> translation)
  • Very good interpersonal and writing skills (=> admin and co services; communication)
  • Taste for technical fields
  • Very good knowledge of the Office package (word, excel, ppt)
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Proven skills in the preparation of tender files (=> tenders)
  • Training in the creation of websites with WordPress
  • Other self trainings: Gimp, Canva, HTML5 and CSS3.