– Tenders –


There are several ways to gain market share and increase your turnover. One of them is to monitor markets and respond to tenders. There is no need to pay to subscribe to the Place, the reference site, the service is free.

The first step is to create alerts based on keywords specific to your activity. Then daily you will receive a list of tenders related to your business with their due date.
If responding to calls for tenders does not bring you immediate glory (you still have to be selected!), it engages you in a dynamic and beneficial process on several levels:


A Decree on public procurement dated March 25, 2016 simplified access to public procurement for SMEs. To learn more, it’s here.

More recent decrees have also set the threshold for certain formalized procedures at €40,000. This provision now allows some public purchasers to award contracts without competition or advertising. Small businesses can now obtain a contract on the basis of an order or a “simple” request for a quote.
Learn more about minimum threshold procedures here.

Regardless of the size of your company, even “small” you can respond to a consultation. You have to prove that you have the necessary resources to carry out the services within the deadlines, the administrative and technical specifications and the budget.



Even if access to tender procedures has been “lightened” for SMEs, it is not always easy to respond. The procedure, which is highly regulated, remains time-consuming and requires a lot of rigor. Can you really devote part of your time to it? Not to mention that the slightest error in one of the envelopes (administrative or technical) may result in your being dismissed for non-compliance. Are you taking the risk of missing out?

AB Web&Cie is likely to help you in the assembly of your tender files. I have delt with public and private markets for two years during which some of my qualities were put to the test (to know more about this job, it is here). Today they are still reinforced: rigor, organization, synthesis, time management and stress related to deadlines, management of unforeseen events etc. ….

  • you have difficulties in finding the right markets?
  • you do not have the internal resources to take on this work?
  • you have never responded to a call for tenders before ?
  • the tender file is voluminous and you wish to subcontract part of it ?
  • You think you can’t meet the deadline?
  • we do the monitoring and sorting for you
  • inform you of a potentially interesting consultation
  • download the documents of the consultation
  • prepare a response template
  • gather your administrative documents, updates them and formalizes them
  • gather the technical documents, studies, references, questionnaires, queries…
  • constitute the 2 envelopes (sometimes 3)
  • check that the major documents have been signed
  • brief you throughout the procedure

To learn more about this service, to discuss your needs, to request a quote, contact me without further delay